Hymn of 9 Thermidor


Hymn of 9 Thermidor


This hymn commemorates the overthrow of Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety by the men of the National Convention. It had its debut performance on the first anniversary of that event (27 July 1795).








Hymne du IX Thermidor.

Salut, neuf Thermidor, jour de la délivrance,
Tu vins purifier un sol ensanglanté
Pour la seconde fois
Tu fis luire à la France
Les rayons de la liberté
Deux jours avaient vengé
L'opprobre de nos pères
Mais le sceptre tombé
Des mains du dernier roi
Armail encore les mains des tyrans populaire
Il ne fut brisé que par toi
Il ne fut brisé que par toi.

Hymn of 9 Thermidor

Welcome, Nine Thermidor, day of delivery,
You have come to purify a bloody land
For the second time
You make France glisten
The rays of Liberty
In two days you have avenged
The disgrace of our fathers
But the scepter fallen
From the hands of the final king
Rearmed the people's tyrants
Only you could destroy him
Only you could destroy him.


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